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RIP Jamboard, Hello Figjam

Updated: Feb 8

Jamboard, a popular tool for creating collaborative online whiteboards, is being discontinued in October 2024. You can easily convert your existing Jamboard activities to Figjam, a tool with similar features as Jamboard!

Importing Your Jamboard Activities:

  • Log in to Figjam and click the "Import" button in the top right corner.

  • Choose to import individual Jamboard files or all of your files at once.

  • Figma will convert each Jamboard frame into a Figjam section.

Tips For a Smooth Transition:

  • Use original Jamboard files: Avoid importing files that students have already edited, as you'll need to remove their additions before using the activity again.

  • Background images: Remember that background images imported from Jamboard won't be editable in Figjam.

  • Figjam sections: Each Jamboard page becomes a Figjam section, which you can move, rename, and hide.

John Sowash, a Google products expert for educators, has created a video series specifically for converting Jamboard activities to Figjam. In this video below, you'll learn how to:

  • Create diagrams with Figjam.

  • Integrate Figjam with Google Classroom.

  • Explore unique Figjam features not found in Jamboard.

  • Watch the video series and sign up for Figjam (it's free!) to ensure a smooth transition from Jamboard and continue creating engaging and interactive activities for your students.

Stay Techie,

Antonio Garcia

3rd Grade 

Lucas DLA

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