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Read a Video with VidReader!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

As teachers it is in our nature to constantly be looking for things we can use to help our students understand what we are trying to teach them. I have found myself at times watching videos on YouTube and saw or heard something that I thought was a great way to explain something to my students. The problem is that I don’t always remember where it was in the video that I found that great idea and I don’t have the time to re-watch the whole thing. Now I use VidReader to solve this problem.

VidReader uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to create formatted transcripts in the style of an article for any YouTube video. You can click on lines of the transcript and jump to that spot in the video immediately and simultaneously. Videos become something you can read a transcript for in seconds. Once the transcript is created, you can search for and easily locate a segment within any video in just a few seconds. You can also use this to create checks for understanding at specific points in the video. The interactive transcript can be shared with students so they too can find anything in the video they need.

To use VidReader go to and paste your video URL into the search field and click “Read-it!” Within a few seconds you will have the interactive transcript. The transcript can then be downloaded and shared for future reference.

Note: VidReader is not on the list of District-approved apps, so make sure your students do not log into the program.

Stay Techie,

Dillon Jones

Social Studies Teacher, Cesar Chavez Junior High

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