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Random Selection Made Simple

Over the years I have used many different forms of random selection, as I am sure we all have. Recently, I stumbled upon a new way that has made my random selection the simplest it has ever been! It’s simply called “Popsicle Sticks” and it is a Chrome extension.

It's great because it is so easy to use…much quicker than creating other forms of random selection (especially physical ones like actual popsicle sticks). After downloading the extension, enter your students names and now everytime you click on the extension a name can be randomly selected. You can add multiple classes as well. I pinned the extension so I can see the popsicle stick icon and quickly click it open. It is even a great extension to just leave open, which I often do, because it is a very small window that opens and it doesn’t generally get in the way of whatever else I am presenting.

Stay Techie,

Chevelle Machado

1st Grade Teacher

La Rosa Elementary

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