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QUIZIZZ: Making Quizzes Fun at Every Student's Pace + GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys it is Maria Arellano from Lucas Elementary, doing this weeks' Ed Tech Blog!

This week I decided to talk about Quizizz. As many of you may know this website is very similar to Kahoot! BUT what sets it apart is that the students work on the Quiz at their own pace! NO more added the stress of “OH NO” only one minute to answer this question?! The students still get to have a little competition while they do the quiz and have a leader board, but now they have the opportunity to really show what they know! Before I was introduced to Quizizz I was a Kahoot teacher and many times my students would get discouraged that they didn't have enough time to answer the question. When I began to use Quizizz in my class, my students felt more empowered that they could show me what they really know because they weren’t being timed and had the opportunity to really outscore everyone if they tired on the questions.

Now you may say to yourself “I don’t have time to create a quiz on a different platform.....” There are TONS of questions that you can pull from the BIG bank of questions that other teachers have already created! What makes it even better, is that there are questions in other languages as well! In other words…...My DUAL IMMERSION teachers now we have a tool we can use with our students that isn’t fully in English! If you haven’t already tired QUIZIZZ, try it now!!!

P.S. you can link your Google Classroom and send the link directly to your students! PERK…..the results are downloaded instantly to Classroom!!!

**GIVEAWAY! We have 5 tech swag bags to giveaway! Reference this post for more details.... Giveaway closes this Friday, November 8th!

Stay Techie,

Maria Arellano

5th Grade Teacher, Lucas Elementary


If you use Quizizz, don't forget to pick up the Quizizz badge from the SCOE Badge Project. You never know, you might win a prize in the monthly raffle!

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2 comentarios

Emily Borofka
Emily Borofka
08 nov 2019

I'd love to use quizizz in kindergarten! Kahoot is so fun to use with my students.

Me gusta

Dana Whetstone
Dana Whetstone
06 nov 2019

Thanks for this blog post. I love Kahoot. I'll give Quizizz a try!

Me gusta
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