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Quickly Assess Daily Success Criteria with Google Classroom

Hey all! Here's a quick tip on ways to be more efficient with Google Classroom and stay on top of student’s understanding of success criteria. In history, each day we give students a small set of success criteria to let them, and us, know that they have successfully taken away the essential information from the lesson.

An example of this could be:

I can provide a short description on the role of each member in the Aztec Social Pyramid.

Though this is a relatively simple and short task, having students display that knowledge could at times be tricky. Previously, we used a Google Doc issued as an assignment, but that required opening upwards of 150 docs to check each student’s work. There is also Pear Deck, which offers great instant feedback from students, but it can be tricky when trying to pull up data from a success criteria asked several days, or weeks ago. However, a simple solution exists in Google Classroom which offers quick feedback as well as the ability to check back on that Success Criteria with ease!

When creating an assignment in Google Classroom, towards the bottom, there is an option entitled “Question”. The question feature in Google Classroom allows you to ask a simple question and students to respond with a short, written response. This is an excellent place to ask students to display their daily success criteria.

Within the question, you can ask students to format the response however you would like (i.e. “list out all members of the Aztec social pyramid and write one sentence for each member describing their role"). The question will have two tables just like an assignment, “Assigned” and “Completed”. This list will populate in real time, similar to Pear Deck, as students complete their response. This gives you the ability to hold students accountable in the moment and use the question as an exit ticket!

Either way, give it a shot! It has saved my team and me a lot of time digging through old Pear Decks and opening endless student Google Docs to look for a simple response! Hope this tip makes your life a bit easier.

As always,

Stay Techie!

Jeff Kleiner

Social Studies Teacher

Mae Hensley Junior High

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