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Podcasts For Kids

There are many reasons why podcasts can be beneficial to our students. I introduced podcasts in my classroom this year and I've noticed students are more intrigued about reading. Most of my students listen to a podcast and want to learn more about that specific topic. Therefore, they have developed a love for reading and have increased their reading levels.

Additionally, my students are now also improving their writing, in particular they are more creative and add descriptive details. This must be a correlation with my students having to visualize and use their imagination to picture the scene or content when listening to the podcasts.

Interestingly, I have also observed my English language learners develop more vocabulary and communication skills because they are exposed to new words.

My kids have overall responded well to the implementation of podcasts. As of now, I give my students a choice to listen to podcasts when I meet with my guided reading groups. I add the links to the podcast in an academic choice board template that I assign in their Google Classroom. If they choose to listen to a podcast they must reflect on their new learning after. Here is an example of what it looks like:


One Small Caveat: When students access these Podcast sites, please make sure they do not create accounts, log in, or provide any personal information.


However, those students that do not have an interest in choosing this activity have stated that some of the podcasts are long. They also have mentioned that they would rather listen to the podcast whole class or be assigned a specific podcast due to the vast amount available. I plan to take their suggestions into consideration.

If you would like to give it a try I have created a teacher resource page with links to a few of the educational podcasts I have introduced:

Activities to try:

  1. Assign a specific podcast episode to discuss as a class, opening it up to questions and encouraging further research.

  2. Search for podcasts episodes to add to your lessons to engage students in new learning related to the topic you are teaching.

  3. Create comprehension questions related to the podcast to assess students’ understanding.

  4. Give students a choice of the episodes they want to listen to and use the template provided so they can reflect on their new learning.

There are a plethora of podcasts available online, the possibilities are endless. Have fun exploring!

Stay Techie,

Veronica Maldonado

6th Grade Teacher

Don Pedro Elementary

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