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Podcast in WeVideo!

WeVideo has a new feature! You can now download just the audio of a project by choosing the "Audio only" option on the finish page. This means you--or your students--can create audio recordings to be used as a podcast. Podcasts can be used to share learning with others through stories and experiences and teach others about a specific top by easily recording their voice in WeVideo.

WeVideo's audio tool offers multiple tracks, volume controls, key-framing, and voice recording. There are over 125,000 sound effects and music files available to use in your podcasts.

Here are just a few ways podcasts can support learning:

  • Students can record themselves reading a story, practicing their fluency, etc. Their finished audio files are easy to share via Google Drive and/or direct WeVideo link.

  • Teachers can record themselves reading a story or textbook passage, then assign the recordings to students. Checks for understanding and discussion prompts can be embedded within the recording itself.

  • You can even set up a public podcast with classroom information and updates for parents. Although most third-party podcasting apps are not approved for District use due to privacy concerns, audio files can easily be embedded in a teacher-created Google Site, shared via Google Classroom, or uploaded to other approved parent communication tools.

For more information, check out this blog from WeVideo. Happy podcasting!

Stay Techie,

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