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Phonics Fun with Technology!

I love using these two websites during my primary phonics lessons to help students. The first website is a fun interactive site to help students place the alphabet in order. There is scaffolding in the site to help students match capital letters to capital letters or capital letters to lowercase letters. It’s a great tool that the kids love.

The second website that I use and love is one that gives me access to an Intermediate Word Work Mat.

This website from the University of Florida or UFLI has an interactive word working mat. I use this board when introducing a new sound spelling. It has most vowel teams but not all. I use GoGuardian to push it out to all the students with one click and the students bookmark it and then the spelling fun begins. We build words like boat and rain. I can also use GoGuardian to feature students on the projector that were able to use the right sound spellings. The whole class can help and cheer on students who need extra help. The students love to use this site and it gives me a glimpse of who is getting the weekly sound spelling and who isn’t.

Stay Techie,

Robyn Arnold

2nd Grade Teacher

Hidahl Elementary

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