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Pear Deck from Home

Updated: Feb 8

Pear Deck is not a new tool to our ever growing toolbox. In our current situation, distance learning, I wanted to share with you a cool feature that would be relevant at this time, Pear Deck’s Student Paced Mode! This mode lets the students work at their own pace, at a time that is convenient for them.

Pear Deck has a great add-on feature that has been added to Google Slides; you can easily adjust your Slides for distant learning to include checking for understanding questions. You can also add multiple choice questions, text boxes, draggable icons, drawings, or even add a Desmos calculator with the click of a button!

To setup Pear Deck so students can work remotely, open the lesson, turn on the student paced mode and then close your browser. The students can log on to the Pear Deck using the assigned code and can work on the assignment when they are ready.

Image of Example of how to turn on remote learning for students.

You can check on their progress in the sessions menu and you can even look at their responses. On the teacher dashboard you can see which students have completed the Slides, or are in progress. When you close the session, you can see all of your students' final responses, just like if they were completing the Slides inside the classroom.

For more information about student paced lessons on Pear Deck for remote learning, check out these valuable resources from Pear Deck.

Stay Techie,

Jennifer Mattos

3rd Grade Teacher

Carroll Fowler Elementary

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