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Organizing Your Tabs With Toby!

Toby is a tool that I didn’t know I needed until I used it for the first time. Toby is a Google Extension that will open all of the tabs that you need with one click! Each time you open Google Chrome, Toby is the first tab that will appear. This page will show all of your grouped tabs organized in “collections.” You can group tabs in “collections” for each period or subject. You could have a collection for any group of tabs that you open regularly.

I group my tabs by time of day as well as recurring documents that I need to reference often including PLC meeting documents or pacing guides. I have a collection that is titled “Good morning!” that I use each day. I click “open all tabs” once, and Toby opens up all of the tabs I need for my mornings including Infinite Campus, lunch count, Outlook, Google Drive, etc.

I also have a collection titled “After lunch”:

To download the Toby Google Extension, click here.

For a video on how to set up Toby, click here. This video is pretty long, but it provides a thorough explanation for what Toby is and how to set up your tabs. You can also look at the timestamps in the description to help you find exactly the step that you want to focus on. Toby also prompts you through a walk-through upon signing up for an account.

Stay Techie,

Kristina Fliflet

4th Grade Teacher

Sinclear Elementary

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Lorna Huerta
Lorna Huerta
Feb 24, 2022

I love Toby! How did we even without Toby. Hahahaa Thank you.

Lorna 😁

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