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Organizing and Packing Your Digital Suitcase for Summer Vacation!

It's FINALLY that time for the rest of us to kick up our heels and join our brothers and sisters in experiencing the blissful freedom of summer vacation. Perhaps you share in a similar idiosyncrasy to me with a strong desire to clean and organize before you can really relax. I'm here today with Google Drive packing tips for summer school teachers who won't be returning to Ceres in the fall, and quick cleaning and organization tips for those of us who have multiple years of less than stellar file management we have been saving for a hot summer day.

If you need to save a copy of your Google Drive to take with you in the future, and have files you absolutely don't want to lose, you need to use Google Takeout - I wrote a helpful blog post last summer with a video providing more information on this great service.

If you are in need of some helpful cleaning and organizing ideas - I've got you covered with a quick list and a link to another helpful blog post written by Ashlie Freeberg.

The first quick tip is to do a search for "Untitled" in your Google Drive. If you never took the time to name a file, then it probably isn't worth keeping, right? If you really must, you could quickly scroll through and make sure there isn't anything you'd hate to lose, then scroll to the bottom of all of your Untitled files and hit Control + A on your keyboard to select all files, then press Delete and feel the freedom of letting go of all those files you made but probably never needed again.

The second quick tip I have for you is to click on the Cloud Storage icon on the left-hand side of your Google Drive, and take a quick look at the files taking up a lot of space in your drive. This will probably consist of video files (perhaps from the pandemic) that you no longer need. Time to let go of them!

My third and final quick tip is to search for "Copy of" in your Google Drive search bar. This may take a lot more time to sift through, but what else are you going to do with all of that free time you have now that summer is here and you're binging on Netflix or Disney+?

Enjoy your summer vacation and thanks for reading! Happy summer!

- Craig Tornquist

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