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Orange Slice: A Rubric Game-Changer

Hey, Alyssa Long here! Coming to you via EdTech blog to present to you… *drumroll please* Orange Slice!

Orange Slice is a rubric creator and grader. Not only can you make a rubric on the spot, but you can also input your own previously-made rubrics, too (you can use some Benchmark Advance or district-made rubrics)! With just a few clicks, you can have a fully graded rubric with SPECIFIC FEEDBACK! Ding, ding, ding! There’s a buzzword!

Orange Slice has made grading writing soooo much faster and precise! My students love having a rubric to follow that is attached to their writing. You can easily translate any rubric into SUCCESS CRITERIA. Ding, ding, ding! The students know exactly what they need to do in order to earn the desired grade. In addition, the rubric does not need to be limited to regular letter grades. Phrases can be used such as “Needs More” and even smiley faces such as :) or :( can be used instead. This tool even maintains the history of previous feedback on an assignment so students (or a wanderer from the D.O.) can see their growth over time!

Orange Slice has made grading so much faster and precise that I felt like I had to share it with the world… and by the world, I meant at the Technology Summit at Central Valley. Click this link to access what I presented. Yeah, yeah! I know. Absolutely profound, right? ORANGE SLICE REALLY IS!

Let me put you through a very realistic scenario: It’s the weekend and you have vowed that you will grade those essays (that you vowed would have graded last weekend). You decide a little Netflix wouldn’t hurt in the background, so you turn it on and BOOM! The new episodes for your favorite show are on. One episode won’t hurt right? WRONG! Your life has now spiraled into a Netflix abyss, and it is now 5:36pm Sunday evening and you STILL haven’t touched your laundry. Now what are you going to do?! *Cue in Orange Slice!* Have no fear, Orange Slice is here! With a bit of reading and a few clicks, your rubric is filled in with feedback that is specific and directly related to your students’ writing. It’s THAT simple!

The one major downfall I have found when I presented at the Tech Summit was that high schools already have a system. Trust me, we know change can be difficult! However, I definitely see this as something useful for elementary and junior high schools. When the rubrics are in student-friendly language and students are taught how to use them, any student who can read through and understand the rubric is able to be successful by utilizing this tool. High school, keep doing what works best for you, but look into Orange Slice to see if it is a viable option!

I hope you have found my blog entry useful! I know my partner and I have really fallen in love with this tool!

Stay Techie,

Alyssa Long

5th Grade Teacher, Westport Elementary

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