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OneNote on Chrome Remote

Are you looking for an easy way to annotate on documents and presentations while presenting to your class? One tool to add to your digital tool belt is the use of Microsoft OneNote while casting with Chrome Remote Desktop.

OneNote allows uploading of documents, PDFs, or slide decks into OneNote notebook that can be used to Annotate. Add drawings in any color or thickness, highlight, add shapes, and insert any multimedia to make your lesson fully engaging.

The best part? All edits are saved automatically on any device in which you open OneNote. In order to provide copies of the lesson annotations to students, simply export the notebook as a PDF and post to Google Classroom.

Casting the lesson is simple. Add the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to your desktop PC and tablet (Note: You will need to submit a help desk ticket to have a site technology specialist add the application to your Chrome browser), and sign-in to Chrome Remote on your desktop to cast your mobile device.

Your tablet will now be showing on your desktop for you to project to students. Additionally, you can still access other apps and tabs without interrupting the casting connection.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Stay Techie,

Tucker Schwarberg

Math Teacher

Ceres High School

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