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One-Stop Data Shop

Updated: Feb 8

No need for multiple data trackers any more -- Illuminate’s eduCLIMBER is your one stop shop for data!

Attending an SST or IEP meeting? Stop gathering your tracking sheets. The only tool you’ll need is Illuminate’s eduCLIMBER. eduCLIMBER is a one-stop shop on students’ educational profile. It will give you, and all of those in the meeting, a streamlined way to view student’s current and historic data. eduCLIMBER is a snapshot of the whole child: academics, social emotional behaviors, interventions, attendance, behavior incidents, etc.

Check out this video to learn more:

Stay Techie,

Allyssa Bossard

Reading Intervention Teacher

Don Pedro Elementary

Dakinya Rashonazlo

3rd Grade Teacher

Don Pedro Elementary

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