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On the Twelfth Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: Jun 13

On the twelfth day of Tech-mas,

A final gift for fun,

Stop motion animation!

Did you know that students can use Google Slides for stop motion animation?! If you have not heard of this term, it is a technique were slight changes are made to the appearance of an object and captured frame by frame. This capture is then played back so it appears as if the object is moving. Students can use the stop motion technique to tell a story or model what they have learned. All they need is a slide deck, a background image, an image (object), and a little creativity in Google Slides! Click this sample stop motion animation link or the video below to see what stop motion animation can look like in Slides.

Here are the steps to create a stop motion animation in Slides:

  • Step 1 Create a new Google Slide deck (remove the text boxes from the slide)

  • Step 2 Create a background template - right click the slide and "Change Background" to an image, then set the image as a background theme

  • Step 3 Insert an image (object) to animate

  • Step 4 Duplicate the slide then slightly move the image (object) to represent one movement or animation (repeat this until you have all animations)

  • Step 5 Publish your slides to the web (restrict access to Ceres Unified...) and grab the link to your animation

This video tutorial goes over each of the steps:

For more tutorials and ideas, check out these resources!

Have fun with this activity! You will be amazed at what your students can create!

Stay Techie,

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