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On the Tenth Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: Feb 8

On the tenth day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs shared with me...

a fun artistic pixel mystery.

Pixel mystery art is rapidly gaining popularity with educators from all over! Pixel mystery art is simply a Google Sheet where part of a picture is revealed when a student fills out the correct answer to a question.

Templates have been created for a variety of subjects and level, but here is an example of a fifth grade student's work:

There is a large community online who are willing to share their templates for FREE through the Pixel Art Mysteries in Education Facebook Group.

Get started by sending out one of these templates to your students on Google Classroom. Here are some FREE templates related to earth and physical science for our older students!

Interested in creating one of your own from scratch? Watch this YouTube video:

Stay Techie,

Melinda Goodwin

Fifth Grade Teacher

Don Pedro Elementary

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Tonya Shuford
Tonya Shuford
Dec 14, 2021

Loving all the Tech-mas ideas!!!

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