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On the Sixth Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the Sixth day of Tech-mas,

My EdTech gave to me:

Emojis in a

Google Doc Winter Story!

Winter Rebus Stories in Google Docs is a great way to get your students writing while having fun! Google Docs now has the option now to insert emojis! Students can use these emojis to create stories! This Winter Rebus Stories Template can help you get your students started! Students can choose from the list of emojis on the template (feel free to add more) or they can add their own emojis in docs by clicking on the Insert menu and choosing emoji! Modify this Winter Rebus Stories Template to make it your own!

Special thanks to Eric Curts for sharing this great idea on his Control Alt Achieve blog! Check out other types of activities like this from Eric here!

Stay Techie,

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