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On the Ninth Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the ninth day of Tech-mas,

Each student was a creator,

Using an A.I. Image generator!

Last month Canva released a new update that you and your students are going to love! Canva's Text to Image AI Image Generator tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform text into an image. Students can use their imagination to tell a creative story through a picture they have created just by typing a phrase!

Watch this short Canva clip to learn how this feature works:

Canva created these easy to follow instructions on their website:

Here is a video tutorial that steps through the process of using Canva's Text to Image AI Image Generator!

Lastly, here is a AI Image Generator Template for easy access to the tool.

Have fun creating!

Stay Techie,

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