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On the Ninth Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the Ninth day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs sent me a note...

How to comment with your voice using Mote.

Wouldn't it be nice if you can leave a voice comment in Google Docs? Well guess what! You can! Mote is Chrome add-on that allows you to do just this! This tool allows you to create an audio comment in Google Apps tools! This feature can help students struggling with reading or writing. It is also a great tool for auditory learners and our English Language learners to practice listening, speaking, and reflecting. Teachers and students can both record their comments, thoughts, and feedback using their voice in tools like Docs, Slides, Gmail, and even Google Forms!

To get started using this tool, download the Mote Chrome Extension and follow the step-by-step instructions. Once this extension has been installed, add a new comment and in the comment box, click the "Mote icon" to begin to record your audio response and feedback. Students will also need to get the Mote Extension to see the teachers embedded audio comments and to also respond using Mote.

Here is an example of how Mote works in Docs:

Here are a few examples of how Mote works with other Google Apps and a link to the Mote YouTube channel:

Keep in mind that Mote is a freemium extension, which means that the free version has some limitations, including a 30-second maximum recording length, and a limit of no more than 20 Motes per month, so use your Motes wisely!

Merry Tech-mas!

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