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On the Eleventh Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the eleventh day of Tech-mas, I got what I was needing…

A way to record all my students reading!

Are you having a hard time meeting with all your students during small groups? Are running records causing you stress and anxiety? Well there’s help! In our grade level, we have been sending our students levelized A-Z books on Seesaw. We have students record themselves reading the book (audio or video, your choice). By having a reading recorded, it allows us time to assess at our own pace. We can even listen to a student's reading right before they come to us, which can guide our teaching for that day in small groups.

If you have access to the A-Z account, you can upload the entire book as a pdf into Seesaw. Open the book of your choosing and download the PDF. Create a new assignment in Seesaw, and select the desired PDF. It’s that simple! Once you have built up a library of Seesaws, they are incredibly easy to assign to students! As a grade level, we have created a shared google doc with links to each Seesaw (A-Z book).

Michael Merchant

3rd Grade Teacher

Caswell Elementary

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