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On the 9th Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 9th day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs delivered this payload...block-based Holiday Cards made with MakeCode!

Why send the same old boring greeting cards? With the new MakeCode Holiday Cards project, your students can use block-based coding to create their own animated greeting cards!

Whether your students are experienced hackers or brand-new to programming, block-based coding is simple, intuitive, and easy to use for virtually any grade level. The MakeCode template allows students to create animated cards with background colors, text boxes, decorative holiday lights, and simple graphics. Timing and repeat functions allow your students to control the animation on their cards.

When your students have finished their card and are ready to send it, it's a cinch to use a video-capture app like Screencastify to record their screen. While they record their card animation, Screencastify will also allow them to record a voice-over so they can add their own holiday greeting. They can then share their card animations via Google Classroom or any other approved app you use to share files in your class. Or, for more advanced users, the animation can be uploaded to WeVideo as part of a more elaborate holiday video project. With all of the media tools available on your students' Chromebooks, the only real limit is their imagination.

We'd love to hear your ideas about how you're using MakeCode in your classroom. Leave a comment below!

***GIVEAWAY reminder! We have gathered a class set of pens with styli on the end and would like to give them to you! Leave us a comment below on your favorite tech-mas post so far and how you have implemented it with your students for entry into the giveaway. Giveaway closes TOMORROW (Friday, Dec. 12th)!

Stay Techie,

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