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On the 9th Day of Tech-mas

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

On the 9th day of Tech-mas, my Ed Techs shared with me

...a Google Doc emoji sto-ry.

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Give your lessons a creative twist with emoji rebuses! You can make your own copy of this Wintertime Rebus Story Template for Google Docs. You can assign it to your students as-is, or customize it to fit your content area or grade level.

Emoji rebuses open a lot of creative possibilities for you and your students:

  • You can give your students a string of emojis as a narrative writing prompt.

  • Provide your students with a set of four emojis and ask them to compare and contrast.

  • Students can use emojis to annotate text according to your directions.

But you don't really need a template to use emojis in Google Docs. All of the emojis are available in the "Insert" menu by selecting "Special Characters..." You can hunt through the categories to find your favorite emojis, or you can use the keyword search function.

How might you use emojis in your content area or grade level? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And, speaking of leaving comments...


If you'd like to enter to win a "Swag Bag" full of goodies, you still have time. To enter, just drop us a comment below explaining how you would use one of the nine Tech-mas ideas in your classroom ... OR share a Tech-mas tip of your own! You can earn an extra entry for replying to others' comments.

You must enter the Giveaway no later than Tuesday, December 18th. The winner will be announced Wednesday, December 19th.

Stay Techie,

We'd like to thank Eric Curts at Control Alt Achieve for posting this template.

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These can be used to create fun problems such as a rebus or using emoji's instead of variables to make problems more visual for younger learners.

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