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On the 5th day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 5th day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs shared with me, Google Slides and Drawing templates to decorate a tree!

Do you want to encourage creativity with Google Drawings and Slides? One way to do this is to share fun, engaging, and interactive holiday Google Drawings and Slides templates with your students.

With this "Google Drawing Tree Ornament Decorations Template," students can decorate a tree with ornaments they create! They can use the paint bucket tool to color their ornaments. The Google Drawing built-in image search tool can be used to add a picture to each ornament. Once they their ornaments are ready to go, students can click and drag their creations onto their tree to have some fun decorating! In this activity students can learn how to color individual shapes, group items together, and move and resize them. Instructions for both teachers and student are included on the template to help with these skills.

Here is a "Google Drawing Tree Ornament Decorations Template Version 2" for little ones who may not be ready to color individual shapes or group items together, but still can learn to insert images and move and resize images.

Last year we shared Eric Curts' blog post where he provided a copy of his "Build a Snowman with Google Slides" template. This year, he put together another blog post with this "Decorate a Tree with Google Slides" template. Students can interact with this Google Slide deck by copying and pasting shapes, ornaments, and decorations to a tree from within the slides in the template. They also can type text into a text box next to their tree to write about holiday traditions, plans, or memories. You can get a copy of this template by clicking this "Decorate a Tree Google Slides" template link. Once you have a copy, you can then share a copy for each student in Google Classroom. For more information on this activity click this link to Eric Curts' Blog Post.

For more ideas on how to use Google Slides with your students or for support with Google Slides in you classroom, contact your friendly EdTech!

Stay Techie,

If you would like EdTech support or assistance with integrating technology in your classroom, book an appointment with your EdTech through their Calendly link above.

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