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On the 3rd Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 3rd day of Tech-mas, my Ed Techs shared with me… a historical dinner party!

Here's a great lesson idea: Have your students pretend they are hosting a dinner party for historical figures they have been learning about. At this dinner party, the seating arrangement is VERY important. Each guest should be seated next to someone they have things in common with, and you as the teacher can set the guest list!

Use this template to have your students or groups of students to seat the guests appropriately. Students can place the names of the guest on the plate where they will be sitting. Have them use the word bubbles to explain why they chose that placement and what they will talk about with the guest sitting on either side of them! Click here for a blank template.

Check out this example for a 6th grade class in Unit 3: Relationships in Nature of Benchmark Advance:

Change the template to include any historical figures or topic of study your students are learning about! You can try it with characters in a story as well--the possibilities are endless.

Stay Techie,

Resources found at @historysandoval and @iTeach4Real.

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