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On the 3rd day of Tech-mas...

On the 3rd day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs gave to me, a holiday infographic template that is free!

Have you ever had your students use an infographic to convey information about a topic?? Infographics can be a fun way for students to share their knowledge of a topic in an easy format. We have created a template for you on Google Drawings with holiday colors for you to use with your students!

Simply add this template as a Google Classroom assignment! Students can tell their story or convey information on a topic through the use of the numbers/data. Text boxes can be deleted if they are not needed and students can even add graphics to make their infographic more visually appealing!

Here is an example of how this template can be used with a children's story! Have your students retell a story they have just read by focusing on the number of things introduced in the story.

Try changing the colors in the template for use at any time of the year!

Stay Techie,

If you would like EdTech support or assistance with integrating technology in your classroom, book an appointment with your EdTech through their Calendly link above.

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