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On the 3rd Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 3rd day of Tech-mas, there's nothing cooler than...

my Ed Techs' template Build-a-Snowman.

Google Slides is a great tool that can be used for much more than slideshows. Your students can also use Slides to prepare simple art and writing projects, like this Build a Snowman template we're sharing today. Click the link below to make your own copy of the template, which was created by Eric Curts.

You can share this template with your students via Google Classroom. Be sure to select "Make a Copy for Each Student," so each student can build his or her own snowman.

Animated example of how to share a Google Slides template as an Assignment on Google Classroom.
Follow these steps to share your Google Slides template with your students via Google Classroom.

We hope you enjoy using this template. What other ideas do you have about sharing art and writing templates with your students? We'd love to hear your ideas.

Stay Techie,

We'd like to thank Eric Curts at Control Alt Achieve for posting this idea.

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Debra Babb
Debra Babb
2018. dec. 17.

Just shared with a couple of students as an enrichment project after finishing an informative essay. Looking forward to reading some stories.


Desirae Uhte
Desirae Uhte
2018. dec. 14.

My kinders LOVED doing this!

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