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On the 2nd day of Tech-mas...

Updated: Feb 8

On the 2nd day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs shared with me, holiday movie scenes made with green screen!

This holiday season is a great time to introduce your students to WeVideo's green screen by having your students create a holiday movie scene! Don't have a green screen? No Problem! You can check out one here OR just use green bulletin board paper!

Students can record themselves in front of a green screen, then take their footage and upload it to WeVideo. The magic begins when they remove the green to place themselves in a holiday scene of their choice! It is recommended that students do not wear green during their recording because some of the green on their clothing may be impacted when they remove the green background. You may notice this in the video example above.

Be sure to check out our past blog post on How to Use Color Keying (Green Screen) in WeVideo and watch this video tutorial on how to Use Color Keying / Green Screen in WeVideo to learn how students can remove the green:

Let the green screen fun continue in your classroom with other fun activities! Students can record themselves and place themselves anywhere in the world! They can travel back in time and share about a historical event, visit a place (state, country, even a mission) and teach others about the culture or what makes this place unique, travel to different habitats and share about the plants and animals that live there, or become a character in a scene of a story! The possibilities with green screen are endless!

For more ideas on how to use WeVideo's green screen with your students or for support with WeVideo in you classroom, contact your friendly EdTech!

Stay Techie,

If you would like EdTech support or assistance with integrating technology in your classroom, book an appointment with your EdTech through their Calendly link above.

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