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On the Twelfth Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31

On twelfth day of Tech-mas, two gifts were shared with me...

Choice boards and Spin a Story!

Looking for ways to engage students in writing and help them become invested in their own learning? Give them an opportunity to have fun, be creative, and have choice with Spin a Winter Story and Choice Boards!

Spin a Winter Story, created by Tony Vincent @tonyvincent, is a fun and engaging strategy to get students story telling and writing! Provide your students with the Spin a Winter Template, have them spin the wheels of sentence frames for the character, setting, and plot and see what writing piece they can come up with! What's great about this activity is you re-use it for other lessons by editing the sentence frames to match any topic or theme!

With Choice Boards, your students can choose what template they would like to use to collaborate with their peers and show you what they know. These Choice Board templates were created by Amanda Sandoval @historysandoval. They contain EduProtocol lesson frames and are great to use with any content area and will save you time! Students will love having a choice on how they want to demonstrate their own learning!

To learn more about EduProtocols and access more templates, check out this EduProtocol Website!

Merry Tech-mas!

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