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On the 12th Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: Feb 8

On the 12th day of Tech-mas, my Ed Techs amazed me…with stockings full of tips and links, yippee!

Tip #1 Annotate Extension

Did you know that Annotate has an extension you can install that will allow you to annotate on any page you'd like by the click of a button?! Check out this video for more information:

Tip #2 One Click Translation Trick

Do you want to make it easy for your EL students to translate content by the click of a button? You can prepare a link for them that will make it easy for them to translate the text in a Doc or Slide. Here is a video to help you set this up:

Tip #3 EL Translation Resources

Check out these amazing translation resources to help bridge the language gap for our EL students and families Amanda Sandoval (@historysandoval), an educator from Roosevelt High School put together: Translate Almost Anything. (Disclaimer: please be sure an extension or add-on is on the approved list before students use the tool).

Tip #4 PPT as Background on Zoom

Engage your students and personalize your lessons by creating a virtual background using Microsoft Powerpoint and Zoom. Watch this video to learn how!

Tip #5 Highlight the URL of Your Current Tab to Copy and Paste

Save time and use shortcut keys to quickly grab a URL you want to link in a Slides or Doc by using the following keys: Ctrl + L, Ctrl + K , and Ctrl + V (See image below).

Tip #6 Amp up Your Welcome Slide

Learn how to use a tool called Unscreen to add an animated version of yourself called Be The Bitmoji in your Slides! Check out this PE example: PE Instant Activity Watch this video for instructions on how you can setup an animated self video like this:

Tip #7 Summary with a Twist

Take a summary to a whole new level! This Summary template created by Mrs. Byars (@mrsbyarshistory) can help you get started!

Tip #8 Help Students with Challenging Vocab Using Rewordify

Use Rewordify to help students with vocabulary in text. Just copy and paste the text and click Rewordify text! You can also adjust the settings to provide a definition of challenging words. Give it a try!

Tip #9 WeVideo Surprises

Get your students collaborating virtually in real-time on a video project. Watch this video to see how this works:

WeVideo is not just a video editing tool! Teachers and students can take advantage of other WeVideo features like the Screen Recorder Tool and Animated GIFs Tool.

Tip#10 Spice up your Slides

Are you tired of reusing the same old Slides? Check out these popular Slides Template websites for teachers:

(Disclaimer: Some of these websites may have Ads be careful not to accidentally click these Ads)

Tip #11 Pear Deck Audio Option

Pear Deck is a great tool to engage students will checking for understanding, but did you now you can now add audio to your Slides for students to listen to you speak and read or explain a question? Here is how you can make this happen:

Check out Pear Deck's blog post on how to Add Audio Recordings to your Slides

Tip #12 EduProtocols

Are you looking for ways to engage students and get them to collaborate with each other? EduProtocols may be for you! Here are some pre-built EduProtocols Free Templates you can use or modify and use with your students to make lessons interactive!

Stay Techie,

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