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On the 12th Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 12th day of Tech-mas, my Ed Techs shared with me…an organizer that makes my life easy.

Did you know you can use Google Slides as your desktop wallpaper? This wallpaper is not like other wallpapers. It contains a decorative calendar, to-do list options, and space to take notes to help you stay organized! It's everything you need to keep you on track!

With your new desktop wallpaper, you not only have a calendar visible at all times, but you can also keep your desktop icons organized by dragging them into categories of your choice!

SlidesMania has made this template easy to get! Click this Google Slides template for a copy! Even better, let your creativity shine and have some fun customizing the templates to your liking.

Depending on your monitor or projector resolution settings, you may need to adjust the dimensions of your Slides file before downloading the images. This template is set to 3240 x 2160 pixels. To adjust this while you're editing your Slides, simply click Page Setup under the File menu, switch the measurement unit to pixels, and type the two numbers that match the screen size on your Windows desktop.

Once you've finished customizing your Slides, it's time to download your images. Select your first month's slide and go to File --> Download --> JPEG Image. You'll need to download each month separately. Remember where you save each image. (You may want to create a separate folder for all of your images.)

Now, for the final step, right-click anywhere on your Windows desktop background image. Click "Personalize," and then click the "Browse" button to locate your image. It's as simple as that!

(Note: If your Windows device is in Tablet mode, you'll need to find Personalization in the Settings menu in order to change the background.)

Don't wait! Start the 2020 New Year right by making your life easy by staying organized with this Google Slides Desktop Organizer Wallpaper template.

Please feel free to reach out to your friendly Edtech with questions or support!

Stay Techie,

Special thanks and credit to SlidesMania for sharing this great idea!

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Jolleen De Clercq
Jolleen De Clercq
Dec 17, 2019

Cool! I will have to check this wallpaper out!

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