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On the 11th Day of Tech-mas... + GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 11th Day of Tech-mas my EdTech gave me great...pixelated artworks to animate.

Did you know that you and your students can create your own Animated GIF to use in Google Slides? You can use a web tool called "Piskel App" to create an image that can be easily animated! "Piskel is a free online editor for animated sprites & pixel art." Students can use Piskel to create an animated GIF, insert their GIF in a Google Slide, and write a story about their GIF image. Check out this Animated Snowman Sample and Animated Snowman Story Template to get your own copy to add a snowman GIF!

To get started, you (and/or your students) will need to have an idea of an image you would like to animate. There are lots of holiday templates you can find online by searching on Google for holiday Pixler art or holiday Perler bead patterns. Here are a few template resources that can help generate ideas and give a visual picture of how pixels can be placed and how many might be used for the image:

Graph paper can be very helpful with creating GIFs. I highly recommend creating the image first using graph paper and then creating the image digitally using Piskel. The squares on the graph paper can represent the pixels in the app. Here is a website you can use to print graph paper for students: Free Online Graph Paper.

This project is a great way to incorporate math! Students can count pixels by color, add colors together to find the total number of pixels in their image, or find the area of an image based on a width and a length you give them.

Here is a video to get you started with creating pixelated artwork using Piskel:

Here is a video to help you learn how to animate an image using Piskel, save the animation as an animated GIF, and insert the GIF into Slides:

Thank you to everyone who commented on our last blog post for a chance to win a class set of pens with styli! We have one lucky winner for our prize giveaway, and the winner is...

Congratulations Rebecca Davenport! Your EdTech will be delivering your prize!

Stay Techie,

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