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On the 11th Day of Tech-mas... & Last Day for the Giveaway!

On the 11th day of Tech-mas, I found a real pearl:

The Holiday traditions of the world.

Take your students for a trip around the world to learn how other countries celebrate the holidays using this link! Students can click on the different colored dots (pins) on the map to travel to a country and read about how the the holidays are celebrated.

Have your students apply share their knowledge of what they learned through their travels by completing one of the activities:

  • Students can compare and contrast two different countries using a graphic organizer that can be created in Google Slides.

  • Students can choose one country's holiday traditions that they found fascinating and share why they liked this countries holiday traditions. They can share their response in writing on a Google Doc, in a drawing using Seesaw, or in the form of a video using Seesaw, Screencastiy, or Flipgrid. To extend the learning, students can reflect on each others responses.


Check out the code a Snowflake activity and the Code Boogie where students can create a snowflake poster or create a silly dance while learning to code.


Today is the last day You can enter to win a "Swag Bag" full of goodies, you still have one more day. To enter, just drop us a comment below explaining how you would use one of the eleven Tech-mas ideas in your classroom ... OR share a Tech-mas tip of your own! You can earn an extra entry for replying to others' comments.

The winner will be announced TOMORROW, Wednesday, December 19th.

Stay Techie,

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