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On the 10th Day of Tech-mas...

Updated: May 31, 2023

On the 10th day of Tech-mas, my EdTechs really sharing many templates for Jamboard!

Are you looking for a cool way for students to play card games, solve puzzles, or create simple draggable art projects? Check out this collection of Jamboard Independent Learning Activities from the Using Technology Better Project! Since Google officially added its Jamboard app to its Google Workspace education lineup earlier this year, teachers have been creating and sharing some wonderful templates.

Want to create your own Jamboard activity? It has never been easier now that Jamboard allows you to set a Custom Background. If you pin your game board or other backdrop in this way, then it's easy for your students to drag other icons, text boxes, and/or draw their own pictures on top.

Jamboard Custom Backgrounds - image from Google for Education

For even more Jamboard ideas, check out Sara Malchow's "Jammin' With Google Jamboard" Wakelet collection below:

Stay Techie,

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