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"Oh, The Things You Can Do!" Career Ideas For Kids

Since we're in the business of preparing students for their futures, it never hurts to help them learn about career opportunities. Our current students should reach the midpoint of their working years around the year 2050. Although it's difficult to project trends that far into the future, it's never too soon to get your students thinking about their career options.

With the free California Colleges web tool, students can explore many fields based on their answers to simple questions. Although your students can create an account on this site, they can access the career match service without logging in!

Students start by filling out a quick and easy interest survey.

Based on their answers, the site will then create a personalized interest profile.

Finally, the interest profile will be matched to a variety of careers. Students are then provided links to vast amounts of information about their matched careers. There is even help for students wishing to identify college major(s) that might help them prepare for future employment in their matched career fields.

We hope you check out the other resources California Colleges has to offer!

Stay Techie,

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