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Oh my! Screencastify! Premium Features Free! + Giveaway Winners!

Did you know the paid premium Screencastify features are now free? As of the new year, Screencastify can now trim videos, export animated GIF's, and export mp3 audio and mp4 video files. Users may now store as many recordings as they wish within Screencastify! One limitation of this new version is that each video is limited to 5 minutes per recording; however, this could actually be a good thing. We all know that the shorter a video is, the more likely it is to keep an audience engaged! If this limitation is getting in your or your students' way, there is the option to take multiple Screencastify videos and combine them into one longer video using WeVideo. You can also choose to purchase the premium version of Screencastify to record longer videos and gain access to the video editor, but this will cost you $29 a year.

Screencastify also has a new “Generate a QR Code" option for videos you create! What does this mean for your classroom? Students can create a video of themselves showcasing and demonstrating their learning. They can then easily generate a QR code within the same tool and this QR code can be put on a classroom wall! During back to school events or parent conferences, parents can scan the QR codes for their child and watch their child's videos on their phone! Administration and staff can also view these videos during classroom walkthroughs!

For more information on the new version of Screencastify, check out this blog post. If you already have the free version of Screencastify installed, you will have automatic access to the new premium features. Click this Screencastify link if you would like to install this tool and start using it!

If you would like to learn more ideas on how to use Screencastify in your Classroom, check out our past Screencastify Blog post "The Power of Creating Videos with Screencastify" and / or schedule a time to meet with your Edtech using their Calendly links down below.

Thanks to everyone who provided comments last week on how a Chromebook recording station can be used in the classroom. We have three lucky winners who participated. They will be receiving their own Chromebook recording station to use in their classroom. Congratulations to Karol, Donna, and Desirae!!!!!! We will get your prize delivered to your site this week.

Stay Techie,

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