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No Mess, No Stress. . . Clean Up Your Drive!

Are you constantly searching for files in your drive? Do you have to scroll through tons and tons of files before you find what you’re looking for? It’s time for some Spring cleaning!

Here are a few tips to organize your Google Drive to make your life easier:

1. Create Folders. . . Lots and Lots of Folders! 📂

  • You can create folders for each subject, period, committee, etc.

  • Create folders within folders. For example: Your Math folder might have a folder for each standard or concept. The standard folder may have separate folders within it for lessons, worksheets, CFAs, etc.

2. Color Code 🖍️

  • You can color code folders any way you like. Again, think by subject, period, committee, etc. (orange for math, blue for writing, etc.). Just click the three dots on the folder and scroll down to “Change Color."

3. Add Emojis 😀

  • If you’re a visual person like me, adding emojis can be very helpful. I use to search for related emojis. Once you find the emoji you like, click “copy”. Go back to your drive, select the three dots on the folder you want to add the emoji to, click rename, and then paste the emoji into the title. **If you place the emoji in front of the text, that folder will be listed at the top of your drive.

4. Number It! 🔢

  • Placing a number in front of the title of your folder will move that folder to the top of your Drive. For example, 1- Math, will move the math folder to the top of your drive instead of placing it in alphabetical order with the rest of your folders. If you have a folder that you want front and center, adding a number to the front of the title can be helpful.

5. Star It!

  • Starring a file or folder is like adding it to your favorites list. If you have a file that you use daily, or often, you should “add to starred”. Click on the three dots on the file or folder and click “add to starred”. A shortcut of your starred items will be saved to your “Starred” list on the left hand side of your drive. Now you can click your “starred” list each morning and you don’t have to go searching for each file that you need.

Use Priority

  • Creating a Priority list is similar to starring files, but you can create multiple “workspaces”. If you have multiple files that you access throughout the day, this may be a better organization tool for you than the starred option. You can create a “workspace” for each subject or period, and save a shortcut to each of the files that you use. Go back to your priority list throughout the day to access the next set of files you need.

Clean Up Your Drive! 🧹

  • Now it’s time to start organizing the individual files. You can drag and drop files into the individual folders you created or you can click the three dots and select “move to” if you’re moving it into a folder within a folder.

  • Most importantly! If you haven’t used the file in a few years, or you know you will never refer to it again, get rid of it!!! Remember, it’s Spring cleaning, not moving the old stuff to a different location.

  • Cleaning up your drive may seem like a daunting task, but you can do it!

Stay Techie,

Ashlie Freeberg

K-6 Math Intervention Teacher

Carroll Fowler Elementary

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