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NEW! Zoom Tips

We have gathered some tips that we hope will help you as we continue our journey with distance learning!

1. Check to make sure you are accessing your Ceres Zoom Licensed account. To do this, you need to log into Zoom directly through Clever or by typing: in your browser (use the same login credentials you use to sign on to your computer). You can also "sign in with SSO" by typing in our company domain: ceresusd. Here is a quick 90-second video demonstrating the correct way to login:

2. In your Zoom meeting link settings, make sure that you DO NOT check the option “Only authenticated users can join” (see screenshot below). If you need to un-check this box, you may edit the meeting. Select the meeting you are wanting to edit, then choose the option “Edit this Meeting” on the bottom right. (NOTE: Due to a glitch with Zoom, if you open any recurring meeting for editing, you will need to re-add any Alternative Hosts, including substitutes and site administrators, that you may have added previously. See the video linked below for more information).

3. Make sure you DO NOT not check the option to “Require registration.” Requiring registration would divert students to a page where they would need to complete registration information in order to join your Zoom. This will cause an unnecessary delay and confusion for students. Also, we recommend that teachers create recurring meetings with "No fixed time." If you have followed this recommendation and have chosen “No fixed time,” then you won't see the option to “Require registration” in the first place.

4. Check out some videos our Technology Department has created! Please note, for security and privacy purposes, this video is accessible to CUSD teachers only.

5. If you find that a small number of students are having issues connecting to your Zoom, it might be an issue with their device. They can follow the steps on page 7 of our CUSD Digital Parent Guide: to remove their profile.

6. We have found that substitutes will need to log into Zoom in order to host the Zoom meeting as an Alternate Host. They can follow these steps listed below. It might be helpful to include these steps in your substitute lesson plans:

Browse to and Click on Sign in.

Choose Sign in with Google

Use the sub account if prompted for a username and password.

***Please note: substitutions will login with Google, not through Clever or SSO.

What other Zoom tips have you discovered? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Techie,

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