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New Year, New Goals

As we return to school after the winter break, there's no better time to pause and reflect on learning in your classroom. The turn of the calendar is a perfect time for your students to set new goals for the new year. Give your students an opportunity to begin taking ownership of their learning, and help them ease back into the routine of school after a long break, with this goal-setting tech tool.

Try using this Google Sheet with your students to help them build self-efficacy in your classroom. With Magana's Student Tracker, students report more than just their academic progress. The tracker also allows students to provide input on effort and their feelings towards the goal they are working on.

To make your own copy of the template Sheet, go to the File menu and click on "Make a Copy..." You'll need to clear the dates, ratings, and reflections. (Or, you can follow this link to create a clean blank template.) At first, the Progress and Effort Graph will be blank, but as dates and ratings are added, points and lines should automatically appear on the graph.

You may want to complete some cells on the Sheet (like Teacher, Class, and the dates) prior to sharing with your students. When you send the Sheet via Google Classroom, be sure to make a copy for each student. Your students can start 2019 on a positive note by tracking their own progress towards each learning goal in your classroom!

Happy New Year!

Stay Techie,

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Ashley Briar
Ashley Briar
Jan 07, 2019

Love this tracker! I can't wait to use it bi-weekly for the rest of the school year via google classroom.


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