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New Interactive Whiteboard Tools: Jamboard &

Are you looking for an interactive whiteboard you can use with students? Here are two new tools you may want to try!


Try out one of Google's newest core GSuite for Edu apps called Jamboard! This whiteboard allows you to add images, text, and drawings to make learning interactive. The Google Play version of Jamboard also and has built-in artificial intelligence capabilities such as handwriting recognition to convert handwriting to text, and shape and object recognition to convert drawings into shapes and objects. To access the Jamboard web tool, you can browse to To access the more advanced version of Jamboard, open the Google Play Store and search for the Jamboard app and install it. Check out the video below to learn how this tool can be used during distance learning!

This free digital whiteboard tool is made for teachers and students. This is a great tool to use to asses students during live instruction. Access this tool by browsing to Do you want to see how this tool works? Watch this video below to learn more.

Stay Techie,

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