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New Grading Options with Classroom and Kami's new Update!

If you haven't already noticed, with the recent Google Classroom updates there came a new “Classwork” page to help organize assignments and a new grading interface to make the process of grading assignments easier and more efficient. It gets even better! Kami, a PDF and document annotation tool that integrates with Google Classroom, has released a new update that allows teachers to grade Kami assignments through the Google Classroom grading interface. When you assign classwork with Kami in Google Classroom and view turned in work through Kami, a panel will appear on the right with the check box option to "grade with Kami."

Check out this video from Kami to see how the new Grade with Kami feature works!

Our district has added the Kami extension to student and teacher accounts which means you should already have the Kami extension and can start using Kami with this new grading feature! If for some reason you or your students do not have this extension, you an click here to install the Kami extension and add the link in Google Classroom for your students to install.

For more information on how to use the new "grade with Kami" option in Google Classroom check out this Kami Blog.

Kami Bonus Tip: Did you know teachers and students can use Kami's video annotation tool to provide comments and feedback through video? Students can also use this tool to explain their thinking by recording themselves! To start annotating with video, click the video annotation icon located under the comment option. The recording begins as soon as the text is selected for commenting.

To learn more about Kami, see their YouTube channel for tutorials, product tips, and more!

Stay Techie,

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