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Network Security Update: Outlook On Mobile Devices

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. Practically every day, there is news of yet another data breach, denial-of-service, and/or ransomware attack. As employees of a public school district, unfortunately our digital profiles--especially our Outlook accounts--are tempting targets for bad actors around the world.

To help protect networks like ours from cyberattacks, Microsoft is ending support for older, less-secure authentication methods. Consequently, after April 27, District users will no longer be able to access their Outlook accounts via the iOS and Android mail apps.

Instead, staff members who want to access their Outlook emails and calendars on their mobile devices will need to install and use the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS or Android.

The Technology Department is currently contacting staff members who are likely to be affected by this change. The Techs have also prepared some step-by-step instructions (shown below) for installing and configuring the Microsoft Outlook mobile apps.

If you have questions, reach out to your Tech, or if you encounter problems, please submit a Tech Help Desk ticket.

Installing Outlook on iPhone
Installing Outlook on Android

Outlook Mobile App - Tips & Tricks

Stay Techie,

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