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MinecraftEDU Has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that starting Tuesday, May 9th, MinecraftEdu will be available for students to download on the Google Play Store! MinecraftEdu is a version of Minecraft specifically designed for classroom use. This digital tool promotes creativity and problem-solving skills while students work collaboratively to design and build structures, create virtual simulations, and develop solutions to challenges presented in the game. Additionally, the game allows for personalized learning, as students can work at their own pace and explore topics that interest them. This level of engagement and personalization can lead to improved learning outcomes and increased motivation for students.

To incorporate MinecraftEdu into instruction, teachers can start by identifying areas of the curriculum that would benefit from a more interactive and engaging approach. For example, students can use MinecraftEdu to learn about history by designing and building historical structures or recreating events from the past. Additionally, teachers can use this tool to enhance language arts instruction by having students create virtual stories or design digital representations of literary characters. Teachers can even use MinecraftEdu as a formative assessment tool, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts in a fun and engaging way! Navigate on over to the resource hub for additional ideas and lessons tailored to specific subjects:

Student can get started by following these instructions:

If teachers would like to block the use of MinecraftEDU at various points of the day, they can do so using this scene on GoGuardian.

Stay Techie,

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