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May the Forms be with You! - Quick SEL Checks

We all know how crucial Social Emotional Learning has become in our classrooms, and that hasn’t stopped during Summer School. One of the more difficult tasks we face as teachers is getting our students to open up and share some of the thoughts and feelings they are bringing into the classroom with them each day. Today I hope you will consider harnessing the power of Google Forms to get to know your students better, as well as to assess their current social and emotional needs.

The first Google Form I would like to share with you is a Student Interest and Book Survey. The information your students may share with you by way of this Form can really help you get to know your students and connect with them in a more meaningful way. These links will force you to create your own copy, so you are free to make changes that will make it more relevant to your own students.

The second Google Form is something I use with my students on a daily basis, and can become part of the beginning of class each day. Feel free to add or change any questions in your automatic copy of Daily Check-In Form. You might post the link to the Daily Check-In Form in your Google Classroom, or use GoGuardian to open the link for your students automatically as part of the GoGuardian scene you have set up for your class.

Stay Techie,

Craig Tournquist


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