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Maximize Your Instruction with MobyMax!

Are you curious about the whale icon that mysteriously popped up in Clever at the beginning of the school year? This is MobyMax, an engaging way to differentiate, remediate or accelerate instruction that your students will love!

As a sixth grade teacher, I was a little skeptical to see if my students would “buy in” to the program that was purchased by the district. However, it soon became obvious that they could not get enough of MobyMax! Why? The first major positive that some of my students shared was how specific it was to their needs. In the Math, Math Fluency and Language icons, they are immediately taken to a placement test. With this differentiation, students are assessed in all grades (beginning in K) through their current grade level. The program then determines strengths and weaknesses, allowing true differentiation (through needed remediation or available acceleration) for those who need it.

Another benefit is the fact that you can assign the current content that you are working on in class. Instead of hunting online for more lessons on pronouns or rational numbers, I can simply type my concepts into the search bar and directly assign relevant lessons (arranged by standard and grade level; this is great because you can assign from any grade level, for any student!). In addition to reading (comprehension, phonics and vocab), language, and math, there is also content for science and social studies to further supplement our curriculum.

The best part is how engaging the program is; while there are fun games for students to play and practice their skills, the program only UNLOCKS the games and ALLOWS game time if students EARN the minutes (i.e. through on task practice) to play!! Students can’t just play the games without doing the work! Can I get a Hallelujah?? Also, there is nothing that is as exciting or engaging as good old competition, and MobyMax will actually give away REAL SWAG to a few lucky winning students when you sign up for the competition (go to Moby Real Rewards for more info)!!

Link to Moby Learning Quick Guide

“But I don’t have time to dig into this program!” Ask, and ye shall receive!! Included at the bottom of my post is a MobyMax Library Quick Guide that I have created just for you. With some assistance from my resident fourth grader, we mapped out every icon that students can see in their Library; I have included a brief synopsis of each icon for you, along with all of the skills that will start with a placement test.

So what are you waiting for? Maximize your instruction with MobyMax!


For more information, check out the MobyMax Slides at the link below:

Stay Techie,

Michelle Borges

6th Grade Teacher, Sam Vaughn Elementary

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