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Math Fact Lab is an online platform dedicated to helping students improve their mathematical skills and fluency. The website offers a range of resources, including practice problems, teacher tools, and interactive quizzes covering basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It’s similar to Xtra Math, but a variety of visuals are provided along with the basic facts so students have a visual representation of the problem.  (I know students get tired of Xtra Math, so this may be a good change of pace for your students.)

What I love about

  • Students take a placement test when they first log in, which will place them at an appropriate level. 

  • Various visual representations are provided along with the math facts to support students. 

  • There is a “hint” option so if a student gets stuck it will provide a strategy to support them. 

  • “Teacher Tools” can be used as a whole class so students can discuss and share strategies. 

  • Reports that show student progress, levels, and usage are available.  You can also see each fact that a student knows/doesn’t know. 

  • Students will be given a quiz to check for understanding before they level up. 

Get ready for in your classroom!

  • You can create an account using your Google login. will import your class roster from Google Classroom or you can add students individually. 

  • Once you add your students, you will need to select which operations to focus on: addition/subtraction or multiplication/division. 

  • Before you have students log in, I recommend adjusting a few settings.  The default “fluency rate” is set to four seconds.  We do not want to stress our students out while building fact fluency, so I suggest switching it to ten seconds or more.  I also recommend changing the “session length”, which defaults to 12.5 minutes.  The easiest way to adjust these two settings is by clicking the “performance” tab, check the box next to “name” at the top of the roster, then select the “Group Edit” button at the top.  A new box will appear and you can adjust the “required fluency rate” and the “session length” for all students at once. 

  • You’re all set!  Don’t forget to share student passwords and the class code with your students prior to having them log in.  

Overall, aims to empower our students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in mathematics through a supportive and personalized online learning experience. Enjoy!

Stay Techie,

Ashlie Freeberg

Math Intervention

Grades 2-6

Carroll Fowler Elementary

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