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Make Your Classroom Screen Work!

Need a timer, calendar, group making, volume measuring screen? Well check out . It’s free and made just for teachers.

This website helps teachers by having many tools in one place.

My favorite tool in Classroom Screen is the noise analyzer. It is helpful for students and teacher to visualize the noise level in the classroom.


One Small Caveat: Classroom Screen is for teacher use only. Please make sure that no student information is provided, and that students do not create accounts or log in to the site.


Check out this video to see how to use this tool!

Wait… There’s more!

Have fun using the Classroom Screen tool!

Stay Techie,

Lorna Huerta

Science Teacher

Ceres High

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Thank you for sharing this tool! :)

Me gusta

Melinda Goodwin
Melinda Goodwin
01 mar 2022

I love using the ClassroomScreen! Some of my kids even use the free version so they can have their own timer/schedule/notes for things!

Me gusta
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