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Make Your Read Alouds Magical!

Novel Effect is an app that helps bring stories to life. I have the Novel Effect app on my phone to enhance the Read Alouds that I provide my students. I use the app by opening it and finding the book that I am reading to my class. I then connect my phone to my Front Row speaker so the sounds can fill the air. I set my phone aside as I read from the physical book and show my students the pictures.

The app is voice driven and recognizes my speech as I am reading the book and provides sound effects, voices and background noises for the story. Novel Effect captures the students attention and immerses them in the story.

The app itself is free, however to gain access to all of the books there is a subscription fee, which is discounted to $3.50 a month for educators.

Stay Techie,

Chevelle Machado

1st Grade Teacher

La Rosa Elementary

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