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Make Your Digital Lessons Interactive! Screencastify + Edpuzzle

Updated: Feb 8

Are you creating digital lessons using Screencastify? Ever wonder if your students are actually watching the videos? Do you want to make your video lessons more interactive?

Combining Screencastify with Edpuzzle may be your solution! You can now easily upload your Screencastify video to Edpuzzle in just a couple of clicks without having to first download your video. Christina Macklin from Patricia Kay Beaver will teach us how to set that up in this video:

Special thanks to Rosemary Freitas for finding this trick!

If you don't already have a district premium Edpuzzle account, check out our blog post: Edpuzzle: Make Any Video Your Lesson.

Want to learn more about Edpuzzle? They have excellent video tutorials on their YouTube channel. Check out this video on how to add questions to your video lesson:

Stay Techie,

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