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Looking For A Way To Engage Students? Have You Visited WeVideo lately?

WeVideo is an engaging tool that you might be familiar with, however have you used it recently? WeVideo has gotten a face lift and is way more user friendly for both students and teachers. Let’s take a look at the new WeVideo Classroom.

After logging in with Google, both teachers and students will need to choose the "Classroom" option.

Teachers will then need to create a class and invite students either through Google Classroom or with a code.

From there, you can start creating assignments.

You will chose the class in which you want to create an assignment for and then use the create button to get started. Don't forget to publish your assignment!

Student dashboards will look similar. They will choose Classroom, their class, and then they will choose their assignment.

Accelerate engagement in the classroom with WeVideo!

Stay Techie,

Allyssa Bossard

Reading Intervention Teacher

Don Pedro Elementary

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