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Level Up Your Manipulatives

Hey guys it’s Maria and Antonio, doing this week's Ed Tech Blog. We found a website that we thought would be awesome to share with you all! It’s a website full of Virtual Manipulatives!

This website features all kinds of manipulatives that you can use to make demonstrations easier! For me personally (Maria) sometimes my document camera was not cooperative making it hard for me to display my physical manipulatives when I was doing my lesson! Using this website would have made it easier for me to display the manipulatives to my students! Not only are there math manipulatives, but there are also literacy ones! Hope you all enjoy it!

In the classroom, we introduce many new concepts to students. Many times parents want to support their child at home. These digital tools are a great tool to share with them in order to allow them to support their child at home. In the classroom, we can use these tools in place of manipulatives that we may not have access to. Students also find these manipulatives fun and they are an engaging way to introduce a topic.


One Small Caveat: When students access this site, please make sure they do not create accounts, log in, click on any advertisements, or provide any personal information.

Stay Techie,

Maria Arellano and Antonio Garcia

Lucas Dual Language Academy

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